FAQ: What about customer preferences?

Our visitors vote with their wallets. For every city you can see how many of our visitors booked a car and via which car rental broker. We know that numbers alone don't tell the whole story: when you rent a car for two weeks you make your choice more carefully than when you rent a car for only one day. And when you rent a full sized car, a mini van or a 4WD, price differences are bigger than when you rent a mini or economy car. So we also give the percentage of the total sales amount per city, as a reflection of how our visitors voted with their wallet.

Remember that results from the past are no guarantee for the future: our car rental brokers make new deals every day. And maybe visitors of this site who booked a car in the same city before you rented a totally different type of car anyway. So to get the best deal today for the type of car you want, you really should compare all offers.

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