FAQ: Why car rental brokers?

Why rent a car via a car rental broker? Isn't it cheaper to rent direct from a car rental company? No, it's not.

Car rental companies rent most of their cars to other companies. The average rental period is only one day during working days. So for every day the car has to be rented again, cleaned, vuelled, insured. Overhead and prices are high and only big clients can get a substantial volume discount.

Car rental brokers unite consumers: as an intermediary between car rental angencies and consumers they bundle the buying power of consumers (a car rental broker rents thousends of cars every day) and are able to negotiate the highest discounts on rental rates.

Car rental agencies give brokers an extra discount because most of their clients rent a car in the quiet hours: during weekends and holidays, when there are less business clients. And the rental period is longer (the average is one week) so there's less overhead. Notice that the longer you rent a car via a broker, the cheapers it gets!

Car rental brokers are not only cheaper but rental conditions are also much better. When you rent a car directly from a rental company, most times the quoted price is netto because businesses that rent many cars arrange their own insurances. As a consumer it's not unusual that what you eventually pay is double the quoted price. Car rental brokers offer an all-inclusive package, without unpleasant surprises: unlimited mileage/kilometers, third party insurance, CDW insurance, theft protection insurance, airport delivery charges and local taxes are included in the quoted rental price.

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